Coastline Residences Condo

Coastline Residences

Project NameCoastline Residences
DeveloperSL Capital (3) Pte. Ltd. (consortium led by Sustained Land Pte Ltd)
Address9 Amber Road Singapore 439854
Showflat LocationAmber Road (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+6531389796
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$ psf (Click here for more)
DescriptionCoastline Residences, former Parkway Mansion, re-developed by SL Capital. For official details project details, floor plans, showflat appointment to be obtained at
No of Units144 units
Site Area3,620.9 square-metre

Re-visit: Little History Review About The En-bloc of Parkway Mansion To Coastline Residences Condo

We are formerly known as Parkway Mansion at 9 Amber Road,  has now been bought by a consortium led by Sustained Land Pte Ltd, a deal sealed with $146.99 million, now newly named as Coastline Residences.

The collective sale comes after two failed attempts. According to Colliers International, the sale price exceeded the owner’s $138 million guide price by 6.5%.

Sustained Land Pte Ltd is expected to incur development charges amounting to $120 million. Adding this to the sale price translates to a land rate of $1,536 psf ppr. The land rate for this freehold development at Coastline Residences exceeded prices achieved in the just concluded en block sales in the area.

Coastline Residences is situated only 100m away from the future Tanjong Katong MRT station located at the Thomson-East Coast Line. Coastline Residences (former Parkway Mansion) features 17 storey comprising of apartments between 169 sq m and 181 sq m.

Each owner of the Coastline Residences is expected to gain $4.5 million – $ 4.7 million proceeds from the sale depending on the size of their apartment. Under the 214 URA Master Plan, Coastline Residences site that seats on a 3,620 sq m with a gpr of 2.8 is zoned for residential purposes. The total gross floor area the site can yield is 10,138.5 sq m.

The allowable residential units approved by URA for the Coastline Residences site is 130 units measuring an average of 800 sq ft. It is projected by Colliers International, the marketing agent, that Coastline Residences could sell each unit in the future between S$2,550 psf and S$2,600 psf.

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Benefits that Residents of Coastline Residences Will Enjoy Living in Amber Road

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There are various reasons why you might want to make Coastline Residences your next home. This prime property situated at the East Coast offering a new spectacular way of living. The surrounding is packed with amazing architectural designs with great views.

Besides, residents of Coastline Residences condo get to enjoy round the clock access to restaurants, popular shopping malls, schools and entertainment centres. It’s no doubt why property in Singapore like Amber Road area is a attracts many expatriates. Also, its proximity to East Coast makes this area highly valued resulting in high demand.

Investors like the area due to the high capital appreciation that guarantees good returns. Here are some of the cool things that future residents of Coastline Residences can expect to enjoy living in this district.

Coastline Residences Condo Location Map

Strategic Location

Coastline Residences is a freehold residential property offering the perfect location for people who need comfort with convenience. It is situated at 9 Amber Road District 15 Singapore. Besides, the famous Orchard Road is just a few minutes from Coastline Residences.

The property is also located next to several notable facilities which makes it appealing to investors as well as home seekers. Coastline Residences is also located close to several notable amenities, and this makes it more appealing to home seekers and investors. The location is strategic enabling people working in the CBD to access their homes easily. Furthermore, shopping malls and schools are a few distances away from Coastline Residences. In short, nearly all the essential amenities and facilities are within reach from Coastline Residences Condo.

Coastline Residences Former Parkway Mansion


When it comes to transportation, getting anywhere around Amber Road is possible. Plenty MRT stations enhance transportation in this area. Some of the MRT stations easily accessible from Coastline Residences include Eunos, Paya Lebar, Dakota MRT stations and the upcoming Tanjong Katong MRT station is set to improve accessibility.

If you prefer private transportation means, then you can easily access Coastline Residences and other parts of Singapore through the East Coast Parkway. Residents commuting by public transport also have a place at Coastline Residences. Many bus services are providing close stops a few distances from Coastline Residences residences. This means that future residents can easily access various notable destinations of their choice including business hub, neighbouring shopping centre and Orchard Road.

Coastline Residences Condo Nearby Schools

Next to Prominent Schools

Coastline Residences accommodates residents with families. There are plenty top-ranking schools around Amber Road where you can take your kids. The educational facilities located next to Coastline Residences include childcare centres, kindergarten, primary, secondary schools and international.
These are:

  • Tanjong Katong Girls’ School
  • Cherrie Heart Kids Cottage
  • Dunman High School
  • Chung Cheng High School
  • Tanjong Katong Primary School
  • Haig Girls’ School
  • Chung Cheng High School
  • Etonhouse International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Chatsworth International School

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Coastline Residences Nearby Shopping Centres

Shopping Near Coastline Residences Condo

The availability of numerous shopping facilities close to Coastline Residences is remarkable. Ranging from convenience stores where future residents of Coastline Residences can source their daily needs to bigger shopping malls offering a blend of shopping and entertainment facilities. A shopping mall in proximity to Coastline Residences, Parkway Parade is about 0.4 km away. The shopping mall provides notable lifestyle facilities featuring Guardian Pharmacy and Starbucks café.

Katong Shopping Centre and 112 Katong are other shopping malls found a few distances from Coastline Residences. There are other crucial shopping amenities which are within reach from Coastline Residences including convenience stores like FairPrice Finest which is just 11 mins walk away by foot and 7-Eleven which is only 8 mins walk away by foot. Besides, the malls feature restaurants, cafes, eateries, amazing clothing line, kitchenware and entertainment facilities that make your shopping interesting. Some areas such as Parkway Parade have hawker street stalls and modern shopping facilities where you can get more essentials.

Coastline Residences Condo Nearby Medical

Medical Centers and Clinics near Coastline Residences By SL Capital

In terms of healthcare, Amber Road doesn’t fall behind. There are enough healthcare facilities to address the medical needs of the residents around this area. This area has both government-operated and private hospitals alongside several polyclinics to keep you and your family in good health. Like in most of Singapore’s hospitals, the standards of healthcare are unmatched.

A notable healthcare facility that is next to Coastline Residences is East Shore Hospitals. Residents can also access other nearby healthcare facilities such as Parkway East Hospital, Surgery and Lau Clinic. The hospitals are just among those found in the area. There are many medical specialists that cover various medical aspects. This means that residents of Coastline Residences are in a better position to access medical assistance regardless of their condition or illness.

Coastline Residences Near Chinese Swimming Club

Availability of Recreation Facilities

Coastline Residences is situated close to great recreational grounds where residents can engage in various hobbies. If you are on a fitness program, then the nearby parks offer you plenty space to do your workouts whether as a team or on your own. If you like swimming, then you can join swimming clubs such as the Singapore Swimming Club and Chinese Swimming Club.

The East Coast Park, a treasured recreational space is just a few distances away from Coastline Residences. Most expatriates like living on the East Coast due to its beautiful environment and surrounding. The East Coast offers you an incredible place to hang out on weekends with your friends or family.

They provide you with a place to go cycling, rollerblading, canoeing, picnicking, skating, walking your dog or any of your favourite activity as you enjoy the cool sea breeze. Besides, there are plenty dining and sporting activities held here that you can participate.

Coastline Residences Nearby Restaurants and Child Friendly

Plenty Food Options

The East Coast area is generally considered a food paradise. The area is packed with a number of food options including restaurants and food outlets where residents of Coastline Residences can enjoy various types of food. Coastline Residences’s proximity to the East Coast Park implies that future residents around this area are close to numerous restaurants and eating spots.

Among the restaurants around Amber Road are Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Matsuri and Roland Restaurant at 89 Marine Parade Central. There are other impressive dining destinations where you can easily find your favourite food.

Coastline Residences Along Amber Road

Kid-Friendly Places in Amber Road

Amber Road area is an incredible choice for residents with families due to the kid-friendly places that this place has to offer. These destinations don’t just keep your kids entertained, some of them enable them to learn various important skills in life such as road crossing skills. Road Safety Community Park located about 750 meters away from Coastline Residences will ensure that your kid is safe even when you are not around them. The park is available for children of all ages and features a mimic of the traffic environment fully equipped with traffic infrastructures like traffic lights and road crossings. Apart from the invaluable experience that your kids get as they learn proper road safety skills, admission is completely free.

There are also open spaces within reach were children can play. Pasir Ris Park is about 20 minutes away from Coastline Residences and offers you the perfect open space you need. Downton East, another family centred-entertainment hub that features a popular water park, Wild Wild Wet is also a few minutes’ drive away. Alternatively, a 24 minutes drive will get you to Pasir Ris Kid’s Kampong where you can introduce your kids to Longkang Fishing, an ancient game that involves catching small fish using your hand with a net and bucket.

Coastline Residences Lovely Scenery

Beautiful Scenery

Amber Road is a great place for residents who don’t just need a place to call home but a place full of tranquillity. With parks just nearby, future residents of Coastline Residences and the surrounding area can lead a more relaxed and comfortable life. Just 10 minutes walk from Coastline Residences gets you to Parkland Green. It is the place you will want to visit when you need to relax along the East Coast Park. You can spend some time here eating before embarking on your adventurous journey along this coastline.

Another incredible destination is the East Coast Park. Stretching more than 15 km long, this place is more than a park. According to recent statistics, the number of visitors touring this part of Singapore annually is about 7.5 million. East Coast Park is a favourite destination to go for family or friends outing. There is plenty space to accommodate even large groups alongside incredible facilities to keep you entertained whether you are young or old. Besides, it’s s a great getaway from the bustle in the city. The sight and sounds you get from the waves crashing on the shore is refreshing. You can also engage in a number of activities here to keep fun rolling.

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